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About Me


Hello, I am Charity Citron. I am an educated, second generation professional photographer. I have practiced the art of photography for the last 20 years. I studied the Applied Photography Program at Sheridan College in Oakville.


I have a loving family of two sons, my husband and myself. I have grown up in Bowmanville and intend on my children doing so as well. I love the sense of community in a small town. I like knowing who my neighbours are and seeing people enjoying their families. I feel blessed everyday, to have a full time job that I love and the opportunity to capture people’s intimate moments in they’re lives.


Everyone is different and special in their own way. I do not have a brand, or specialty, I am not strictly a portrait photographer. I don't want to be categorized, and have an artistic limitation and expectation. I am an artist.

Instead I put my energy to the correct exposure, not needing to rely on my computer to fix my mistakes. I thrive for interesting lighting, abstract locations. Diversification.


I am not building my portfolio, yet it is constantly growing. When you hire me you are guaranteed that my 20 years of experience and education are going to get you the shots you want. With unfailing quality and attention to deadlines, you get what you pay for and when you shoot with me, you are not a tester client; you are a proffered and satisfied one.